Midnight Sun

A calm swept the eroded tundra, an exhalation after a blizzard had rolled through with its howling swirls. The distant mountains were cloaked, hooded by their icy caps of silent fear, framed by waning light as the sun hid behind frozen peaks. The sound of nothing was almost as crushing as the cacophony of the storm, broken up only by the soft crunch of boots on snow as Sundog made his way slowly to the edge of the ridge before him.

Over the crest the environment changed drastically, the soft white of fresh snow giving way to an enormous steaming crater. The strip mine stretched to the horizon, ending near the tributary far to the north. Usually frozen at this time of year, the river instead oozed slowly into the Laptev Sea, carrying with it countless tonnes of contaminant and mining byproducts. The once crystalline blue waters now glinted with a pallor in the fleeting sun—corrupted veins of Sakha.

This was why he was here.

from Under Northern Skies

Midnight Sun is the first set of the Borealis Cycle, set in the frigid Arctic Circle. The corps plunge through thawing permafrost and thinning ice sheets in search of their next plunder, and runners have to turn to new tricks to stop them.

Midnight Sun contains 65 brand-new cards, including five new identities, and marks a bold new direction in NISEI design philosophy.

Fast Facts

Borealis cycle icon
  • Estimated release date: July 2022
  • Cycle: Part 1 of 2 in the Borealis Cycle
  • Size: Full playsets of 65 new cards
  • Total cards: Approx. 190 cards
  • Set symbol: Globe with ripple effect
  • Design codename: “Bashes”

Rotation and Legality

Upon release, Midnight Sun will immediately become legal for Casual-tier events, such as GNKs and Store Championships. It will become legal at Competitive-tier events on the second Friday after its release.

The release of Midnight Sun will also trigger a rotation for the Standard and Startup formats:

  • Standard: Order and Chaos and the Mumbad Cycle will no longer be legal
  • Startup: The Ashes Cycle (Downfall and Uprising) will no longer be legal

Learn more about set legality in different formats on the Supported Formats page.