Magnum Opus Reprint

Get your hands on six champion-designed Netrunner cards!

The Magnum Opus set was released near the end of 2018, featuring six cards designed by winners of some of the most prestigious tournaments. It was only available to people who were able to attend the Magnum Opus event. Since then, many players have found it hard to get hold of the set, so we have re-released it with brand new art, updated wording, and modernized templates and glyphs.

Magnum Opus Reprint spread

Fast Facts

  • Release date: July 23, 2019
  • Size: 3 copies each of 6 cards
  • Total cards: 18 cards
  • Set symbol: Philosopher’s Stone alchemical symbol
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: mor

Get Magnum Opus Reprint

The Magnum Opus reprint is available as physical cards from our print-on-demand partners, or as a pay-what-you-want print and play. Click the sections below to learn more about each option.

Important note about avoiding customs charges: We recommend that you consult MakePlayingCards’s Shipping Information page for details on customs charges. For EU orders in particular, MPC guarantee no customs charges on orders up to a value of $500 excluding shipping, but only if ordered via their Standard Shipping option! 

Please note that Hired Help and Watch the World Burn are not included in this set.

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This option provides NISEI the most revenue, but shipping is expensive for customers outside the US. The cardstock is of a similar quality to classic cards produced by Fantasy Flight Games.

This option is similarly priced to DriveThruCards and has affordable shipping for non-US customers. The cardstock is slightly thinner than classic Fantasy Flight Games cards. Discounts are available if ordering multiple packs.

We recommend you carefully review MakePlayingCards’s Shipping Information page for details on customs charges.

This option is slightly more expensive than the Standard option above. The premium price pays for a cardstock that is a bit thicker than other options. Discounts are available if ordering multiple packs. As with the Standard option, shipping is affordable for non-US customers.

We recommend you carefully review MakePlayingCards’s Shipping Information page for details on customs charges.

Pay what you’d like and print on your own printer! This file contains full-color art of card faces, with no bleed or card backs. Cut them out with scissors and put them in sleeves!

After downloading the files, if you’d like to say thanks, you can donate to NISEI either via PayPal or our Patreon.

Magnum Opus Reprint Frequently Asked Questions

No. The cards Watch the World Burn and Hired Help were collaboratively developed by participants in the the Magnum Opus tournament event and are referred to as Orgcrime or Community cards. Because they were never playtested and have oppressive abilities, these Orgcrime cards have been banned in NISEI Standard since their release, and are not included in this set.

This set contains the six Champion cards designed by former tournament champions: Labor Rights, Crowdfunding, Embolus, Slot Machine, Border Control, and Timely Public Release.

This printing of Crowdfunding introduces the new “load/empty” terminology. To “load” a card is to put counters or credits on it; it is “empty” when it no longer has any of those counters or credits.

The word “load” will always be used in combination with a corresponding “empty” ability.

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