Uprising Booster Pack

Uprising is the second and final set of the Ashes Cycle. This is a booster pack containing 7 new cards from that set. More information can be found here. It is immediately legal for Casual Tier events and on the 20th of September for Competitive Tier events, or sooner at the Tournament Organizer's discretion. You can view all the cards in this set on NetrunnerDB.

Everyone attending the 2019 World Championship will be given full-art printed copies of the Uprising Booster Pack as a free participation prize. The full release of Uprising is just around the corner, so we felt it best not to offer this product via our Print On Demand partners, DriveThruCards and MakePlayingCards.

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A4 paper size, 3x copy
中文 (Traditional)   Français    Deutsch   Italiano    日本語   한국어  

A4 paper size, 1x copy
中文 (Traditional)  Français    Deutsch    Italiano    日本語   한국어  

US Letter paper size, 3x copy
中文 (Traditional)   Français    Deutsch    Italiano    日本語   한국어  

US Letter paper size, 1x copy
中文 (Traditional)   Français    Deutsch    Italiano    日本語   한국어  

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