If you stand on Manta beach as dawn breaks on the Andes, you can see a twinkling thread stretching above the city’s skyline. As faint as passing imagination, but reaching ever upwards. A golden rope tying the earth to the heavens, the past to the future. Frayed by the vicissitudes of corporate war and the battering of terrorist cabals, but patched and repaired.


Change is inevitable and comes in many forms. Not even the strongest reinforced buckyweave will last forever. The events of the past have pushed and pulled. Controversial measures have been enforced from above, attempting to lock down society into the elite’s desired shape. In reaction, a groundswell of unified outrage has risen up from below, allowing Runners to fight back from directions never seen before. As these conflicts run their course, hope begins to permeate New Angeles. Some take solace that the citadel of the Beanstalk did not fall, others breathe easy as the corporate grip loosens. It’s a new world, and everything is on the table.

Things are looking up.

(More set fiction: "While We Sleep" // "Retention", "Paradise", "Gachapon")

Uprising Box Cover


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Uprising is the second set of the Ashes Cycle, released on the 16th of December, 2019. It is available in four formats from three locations, please see the purchase guide for the differences. It is immediately legal for Casual Tier events (GNKs, Store Championships) and on the 27th of December for Competitive Tier events (Regional Championships and above) at which point the "Creation and Control" deluxe and "Lunar" cycle will rotate. The release notes for this product will be available before the 27th. You can view all the cards in this set on NetrunnerDB.


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