It happened without warning, out of a clear evening sky. The neons of New Angeles were flickering to life, as an equatorial twilight sped across the city. Events progressed broken and disordered. A strobing light directly overhead, like a drive flame where no ship should be. A rain of carbon shards shattering windows and downing hoppers in Manta, molten and twisted into tortured forms. Cayambe rung with a bone shaking vibration, as if someone had capriciously plucked a planet sized guitar.

The world hangs by a narrow thread, made of dreams and faith and reinforced buckyweave. No one realises how narrow that connecting string is…until someone tries to cut it.

(More set fiction: "Fractures", "Red Like Roses", "Reconnecting", "Sisters")

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Downfall is the first set of the Ashes Cycle, released in English on the 18th of March, 2019. It is available in four formats from three locations, please see the purchase guide for the differences. The release notes for this product are available on our site, it is immediately legal for Casual Tier events (GNKs, Store Championships) and on the 29th of March for Competitive Tier events (Regional Championships and above). You can view all the cards in this set on NetrunnerDB.

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