We design and playtest original Netrunner cards for the community to enjoy. Learn more about our sets below.

NISEI cards are available as pay-what-you-want PDFs for print-and-play, or you can purchase them from our print-on-demand partners. To learn more about these options, check out our Purchase Guide.

Different formats of play include different sets in their cardpools. Visit our Supported Formats page to learn what sets are legal in NISEI formats.

Getting Started

New to Netrunner? Looking to anchor your collection with modern, reliable cards? Start here.

System Gateway: Starter Pack

System Gateway

System Gateway is the best way to jack in and start learning the game. Featuring a streamlined duel deck setup and full playsets of simple, yet powerful cards, it’s the new cornerstone of your collection.

System Update 2021

System Update 2021

System Update 2021 is a selection of classic Netrunner cards, reprinted in NISEI style with all-new illustrations. It’s a great way to expand your collection after buying System Gateway!

Standard Expansions

Once you’re familiar with the game, these sets will allow you to explore new gameplay directions. We aim to release at least one expansion per year.



In the wake of the attack on the Beanstalk, the world recoups and reorganizes. Things are looking up.

Uprising is a 65-card expansion and the second half of the Ashes Cycle. While expanding on the designs of Downfall, it also introduces new ideas like lockdowns—powerful Corp operations that dissuade the Runner for an entire turn.



The Beanstalk has been attacked. The world will never be the same.

Downfall is a 65-card expansion, the first half of the Ashes Cycle, and the first NISEI original set. It features all-new art and graphic design and contains card designs that are equal parts fresh and familiar.

Additional Sets and Expansions

These are smaller supplementary packs of cards, produced outside of our typical release pipeline.

Magnum Opus Reprint

Reprints of the limited-run Championship cards given out at the Magnum Opus event in 2018, featuring updated art and wording.


Curious about what’s coming next? The Upcoming page consolidates all the public information about upcoming NISEI products.