2019 Store Championship Kit

Purchase a 2019 NISEI Store Championship kit if you are able and willing to commit to running a Store Championship. In this kit you’ll find:

  • 35x Crowdfunding
  • 19x Embezzle
  • 4x Playmat

This includes 3x extra of each card for the Tournament Organizer to keep for themselves if desired.

These are a bit more serious than a Game Night Kit – the prize payout structure is more rigid, and you must run an event if you purchase a kit. Excepting extenuating circumstances, if you do not run an event with your kit, you may find yourself unable to purchase future non-GNK tournament kits.

The Store Championship season runs from February 9th to April 28th 2019; you will need to schedule your event on or in between those dates. As a Tournament Organizer, you’ll also be responsible for advertising your event (via Facebook event, alwaysberunning.net, a poster in your local game store, etc). You may collect an entry fee to cover the cost of this kit if you wish; we suggest $10 US or equivalent. Take a look at the Organized Play Policies for more details on a Tournament Organizer’s responsibilities.

Sales are limited to one per store/person. If for whatever reason you require more than one, please reach out to the Organized Play team via projectnisei@gmail.com. NISEI is not-for-profit; the sales of these kits help us cover not only their cost but also artwork, web hosting, and more. The base price for the 2019 Store Championship kit is $80 US, including free shipping worldwide. If you wish to donate to our organization, you may pay more at your discretion.

You can purchase the Store Championship kit below with secure checkout through PayPal. Once you click “continue” on PayPal’s site, your order will be placed, so please make sure your shipping address is correct.

(Sales ended January 6th, 2019)