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Are you completely new to the game and want to meet more people to enjoy it with? Are you a seasoned player looking for groups around the world while travelling? Maybe you've just moved cities or countries and are wondering if there's a group in your new home area?

We strongly believe that the biggest superpower our community has is each and every person playing the game. We want to help you find such people in your area. Take a look below and reach out to get involved!

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Communities Around The World

Australia & Oceania


North America

South America

Australia & Oceania



We are a small group in the most isolated city in Australia. We are very self-contained and don't wind up playing with other groups very often. We are a community of about 18-20 players and our big events (Game Night Kit meetups & local championships) typically are 12-15 players.


Austria / Österreich


We are a club specializing in fantasy and science fiction games and meet once a week on Thursdays. We are hosting a System Core league that runs on the last Thursday every month (except for December) and tournaments at random intervals. We hope to get new players to try the game out through the beginner-friendly System Core league.

Czech Republic / Česká republika


We are a bunch of people (usually around 4) meeting regularly in a nice gaming pub called Black Oil where they serve excellent beer and food. Together with people from Breclav community we regularly attend tournaments in Brno (which we organise), Prague or given our good location also in neighbouring countries (Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany). We mainly communicate using Messenger and Slack.


We are a small, friendly, and welcoming group of players gathering in one of the local game stores once a week and attending tournaments (most often in Brno).

Germany / Deutschland


We are an active group, with a regular Thursday meetup of around 5 people. Have some own events from casual to competitive. All our events are listed on // Wir seid eine aktive Community mit einem regelmäßigen Treffen Do mit ~ 5 Personen. Wir machen einige eigene Events von casual bis kompetitiv. Du findest alle unserer Termine auf


We are three players from Koblenz and two from Bad Kreuznach. We prefer Snapshot, Draft and Standard formats. // Wir sind drei Spieler aus Koblenz und zwei aus Bad Kreuznach. Meist gespielte Formate bei uns sind Standard, Draft und Snapshot.

NRW - Aachen

Play with us at the local store LVL9000. We don't have a lot of people in Aachen actively playing but we are good (current World Champion and runner-up!) and we also welcome everyone who is interested in getting to know the game. Just come over on Tuesday at 18:00. // Jeder ist im LVL9000 in Aachen willkommen. Wir sind zwar im Moment noch keine große Gruppe von Spielern aber wir sind sehr gut (aktueller Weltmeister und Vizeweltmeister!). Kommt dienstags ab 18:00 Uhr vorbei!

Southern Bavaria - Rosenheim City Grid - Landkreis including München and Traunstein

RCG is a group of casual/semi-competetive players, who just enjoy playing the game. We're doing alternative Format-Draft-BBQ-Runner Events regularly as well as Standard GNK Tournaments (though interest in those has waned) // RCG ist eine Gruppe aus Casual/Semi-kompetitiven Spielern, die einfach das Spiel gerne spielen. Wir veranstalten regelmässig alternative Format-Draft-BBQ-Runner Events aber auch Standard Turniere mit GNK-Kits(wobei das Interesse daran in letzter Zeit etwas abnahm)

Estonia / Eesti


The Tallinn group organizes regular casual events in the form of informal three rounds tournament that take place twice a month, usually on Wednesday evenings. As for the competitive scene, Tallinn hosts regular GNK and store championship events which see the participation of players from all the Baltic states and Finland. If you are in Estonia drop us a line!

Finland / Suomi


The Helsinki group is small, but active. We have usually around 4 players in weekly meetups and 8 players in smaller tournaments. Group trips to Tallinn tournaments are also done on regular basis. We welcome all the new players and hope you will have great time with this great game!


Meet the French Netrunner community on District 99: our forum and our Discord server!


The 2nd biggest group in France! (We're four)


Everybody's welcome to the Paris City Grid! Come play with us on Thursday nights at Troll2jeux and on Sunday afternoons at Les Mauvais Joueurs, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Hungary / Magyarország


In Budapest we have a roughly 8 person group that is glad for anyone new or traveling to join us :) We have a weekly meetup, usually a tournament in most months and some very talented and helpful players. // Budapesten van egy kb. 8 fős metánk aki szívesen lát új vagy csak látogató játékosokat :) Van egy heti játszós esténk, általában havonta egy verseny, valamint tehetséges és segítőkész játékosaink.

Italy / Italia

Piedmont - Turin / Piemonte - Torino

Here in Turin we usually play homemade decklists that span from the jankiest combos to the most cancerous decks. The only thing that matters is to have fun! // A Torino di solito giochiamo mazzi artigianali che vanno dalle combo più jank ai mazzi più cancerogeni al mondo. L'unica cosa importante è divertirsi!

Poland / Polska


We're a friendly bunch of folks who fell in love with a certain cyberpunk card game with servers and ice. We'll show you why you too are bound to fall in love with it. // Jesteśmy grupą przyjaznych ludków, którzy zakochali się w pewnej cyberpunkowej grze karcianej z serwerami i lodami. Pokażemy Ci, dlaczego Tobie także jest przeznaczone zakochać się w tej grze.

Spain / España


We have an active group of players in and around Barcelona. Every season, there are Game Night Kit events, Store Champs, Regionals - and many casual meetups to have fun at and practice your skills - all levels of experience and interest welcome!

Sweden / Sverige


För tillfället är vi väldigt få aktiva spelare i Linköping, så vi är väldigt intresserade av att få in nya spelare. // At the moment we have very few active players in Linköping, so we are very interested in attracting new players.

Switzerland / Helvetia

Bern & Zürich

The Swiss meta is small but welcoming. Bern and Zürich have separate meetups but usually joint tournaments. In Bern are monthly Thursday meetings in DracheNäscht, in Zürich weekly Tuesday meetings in either Kabooom (Zürich) or Wellplayed (Dübendorf) / Das Schweizer Meta ist klein aber einladend. Bern und Zürich haben separate Meetups, meist aber gemeinsame Turniere. In Bern sind monatliche Treffen donnerstags im DracheNäscht, in Zürich dienstags in Kabooom (Zürich) oder Wellplayed (Dübendorf).

United Kingdom


We are a friendly group of 7 players with a mix of new and experienced players.


We have a small but regular group in the Liverpool business district that meets every Tuesday evening from 6pm (though one of us sits at the store from around 5pm for dinner). You can find us at JustPlay on Tithebarn Street, 5 minutes walk from the local station or 15-20 minutes walk from Lime Street. We also hold occasional Tuesday evening Game Night Kit events! We have a private Slack channel so please contact us there if you'd like to be invited!


The game is alive and well in London. Our main meetup is every Tuesday evening in London Bridge, and we also have a monthly meetup in east London, near Stratford station. We have occasional Game Night Kit events at various locations around the city. We held a 29-person Regional tournament in July, and you'll usually find a few Londoners up for travelling to any event in the south of England.


The Greater Manchester Netrunner Server has Pubrunner events every Monday night, at The Wharf, Castlefield, and (roughly) monthly Game Night Kit events, sometimes at Fanboy 3. Many of us also travel around the country together to play.


In Oxford we meet up Monday nights at "Thirsty Meeples", a gaming store. We generally play casually but hold the occasionaly "Game Night Kit" tournament. There's is a fee paid to the store every time we play but it's a nice cafe environment. We tend to have a reputation for a more... creative approach to the game than a competitive one but we do OK. We also form part of "Readoxershot" which is a group that includes us, Reading, and Aldershot - those keen on more tournaments can usually get lifts to there.

Scotland - Edinburgh

We're very nice and like to play weekly, in a quiet pub. We also have monthly events, ranging from Game Nigh Kit tournament to Regional tournaments.

Scotland - Stirling

Stirling Ghost Branch meet regularly for both casual and organised play. Most meetings take place at Common Ground Games in Stirling.


Sheffield has a small group of enthusiastic players! We meet every Thursday at The Museum pub for casual games and also host regular tournaments at Patriot Games.

South West (Somerset) - Taunton

We've had a small group running for a year or so in Taunton, where we try to place the focus on welcoming new players and making people feel comfortable so they can enjoy the game. We also have a slight addiction to prize support, so no-one ever leaves one of our events empty handed! We've hosted countless Game Night Kit events, a Store Championship, and a Regional since NISEI came into existence and we're looking forward to hosting even more in the future!

North America


Alberta - Calgary

Calgary area Netrunners!

Alberta - Edmonton

The Edmonton scene has been lively and fresh since the original release of ANR, meeting Wednesdays at Table Top Cafe since 2012, creating our own facebook profile in 2013. We average around 7-8 steady players with peaks in the 20's for some higher profile tournaments.


A small but dedicated group of Netrunner players in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Regular Game Night Kit events and other tournaments. Fairly casual, very newbie friendly.


Welcome to Torsaug City Grid (TORonto + MissisSAUGa). We’re an active group with two weekly meetups (Tuesdays at 401 Games and Wednesday at The Rhino Bar & Grill). We’re friendly as can be, and would be thrilled to meet people who either already play Netrunner or are just curious about the game.


A group for people in the greater Vancouver area. We meet weekly for games at a pub, and usually have monthly tournaments.

United States of America

Arizona - Phoenix

It's hot outside - come in and run nets with us!

Colorado - Denver

We are a fun and friendly group who are still going strong!


A group dedicated to the Living Card Game Android: Netrunner, meeting the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in the New Haven, CT area and the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in central CT.

Indiana - South Bend

A small casual/competitive group inactive right now but often willing to meet up and play at local game store, Martin's etc. All levels of players welcome. We are willing to teach the game, loan you cards, and do anything to get our cards out! Join "South Bend Netrunner Coalition" on Facebook and post for help!

Michigan - Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor

This group was created to help cultivate an active community and connect players for regular and organized play throughout Metro Detroit area.

Midwest - Cincinnati

It's down to just two of us, but we still play and attend regional events!

Northeast - Boston

Regular meetings in Pandemonium Books and Games.

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh

We are gamers from Pittsburgh who enjoy playing the Android: Netrunner card game in a variety of formats! We host casual nights throughout the city, schedule Game Night Kit events and travel outside the city to bigger Regional events.

Rhode Island - Cranston

A very small group that is slowly growing. We meet at Brutopia in Cranston, which is a brewpub. Mostly inexperienced players with some new players

San Diego

We’d love for people to join us at At Ease Games to play Netrunner! We welcome everyone from kitchen table players to competitive players, so you’re bound to find someone your speed to play with!

San Francisco Bay Area

We are large and diverse group dedicated to Netrunner in both casual and competitive settings. We have multiple casual meet ups every week, a few competitive Game Night Kits every month, and several higher level tournaments throughout the year. Some really successful players have come from our group. But we are always adding new players and helping them enjoy the game; whether that is refining their skills for competition, encouraging unique deck building ideas, or just enjoying some cardboard.

Texas - Austin

Welcome to the Austin City Grid! We're a mix of old and new players who like to jam games and drink beverages, and we'd love to have you join us for a weekly meetup or a monthly Game Night Kit!

Washington - Olympia

Olympia's Netrunner scene prides itself on spicy deckbuilding and an inclusive community environment. We meet at Olympic Cards and Comics for casual games on Tuesday nights, and have been experimenting with GNKs as fundraisers to support important work being done in our community. Come join us, we're always happy to lend decks and teach new players.

Washington - Seattle (Ballard)

Come join Emerald City Grid! We are a slow but steadily growing group of janky but competitive players that are very eager to help grow our flock! We have a strong mix of veteran ANR and new but stronger players. We enjoy pubrunner on Thursday evenings at Trailbend Taproom in Ballard's Brewery District. We run GNKs from time to time, so there's plenty of opportunity for competition as well as casual games. If you're interested but have no decks, some of our members often bring an *excessive* amount of decks that are always open to borrow from the ECG Library!

South America

Brazil / Brasil

Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais

Somos uma pequena, porém dedicada, comunidade de jogadores investidos em manter vivo o melhor card game de todos os tempos, em Belo Horizonte. Sempre de portas abertas a novatos e aos jogadores experientes. // We are a small, but dedicated, community of players keeping alive the best card game ever in Belo Horizonte. We welcome new and experienced players alike.

Special and recurring events all over the world

We invite you to check Always Be Running, the main event organization and tracking platform for our community, especially the "Recurring events / meetups" section you can find on the main page.

See you on the other side of a table. Always Be Running!