US East Coast Championship at PAX Unplugged

Today’s article is brought to you by community member Dan Bouchard, who is taking over NISEI Plaza to announce the US East Coast Championship! Read on for details.

Hello all! You may or may not recognize me as Netrunner community member DanB. Back when US Nationals applications were being taken, some of us on the East Coast organized with PAX Unplugged to put in our “bid” for hosting Nationals. As you all know, US Nationals is happening in San Francisco this weekend, and is sure to be a great time! However, I knew there were many people on the east coast that could not travel, and we already had permission to run an event at PAX Unplugged, we decided to take advantage of this situation. 

And that’s how the US East Coast Championship was born!

I guess you want some details, huh?

What is it?

The US East Coast Championship is a Premier level tournament ranked between a Regionals- and Nationals-tier event. It will be a 64 player tournament with 4-5 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to top 8. 

Where is it?

The East Coast Championship will be graciously hosted by the wonderful folks at PAX Unplugged, an annual tabletop gaming convention in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

When is it?

PAX Unplugged will take place December 6-8th. The tournament will happen on Saturday, December 7th. We plan to start at 10:30 with player meeting/submitting decklists, with first round starting at 11:00.

How much is it? 

Because we are being offered table space from PAX Unplugged for free, they stipulate that we do not charge anything for this event. However, we will be collecting donations to offset the cost of prize support, with anything over the cost of prizes going to the charity Child’s Play

Since the tournament will be run at a convention, all participants will require a PAX Unplugged badge to get into the convention. You will only need a Saturday pass to play in the event; however, in addition to ECC, there will be plenty of board games, megagames, RPGs, and other tournaments at PAX Unplugged, so we suggest picking up a 3 day pass (although single day passes are also available).

You can purchase your PAX Unplugged badges here.

How do you register?

Registration will happen on the PAX Unplugged app on November 15th. That app can be found at the following links:



Or at the following website:

Will there be prizes?

Of course there will be! All participants of the tournament will bring home a playset of full bleed SDS Drone Deployment. Top 8 will win an exclusive Saisentan playmat. 

And for the winner?

The winner gets to be crowned East Coast Champion for the year, which comes with an amazing lasered alt art from the very talented Jakuza. 

There will also be a slew of other giveaways happening during the tournament. (What can I say, it’s right before Christmas, everyone should get presents!)

Will it be streamed?

As long as I can secure reliable internet, the plan is to have the one and only CodeMarvelous stream the entire event. 

So in conclusion, NISEI has graciously provided prize support and PAX Unplugged has given us 64 currently empty seats on Saturday December 7th.

You can find details of the event on the pax app/website here: 

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email me at