Join NISEI – April 2020

NISEI is an all-volunteer team dedicated to supporting and expanding the game of Netrunner. Our efforts are made possible by the passion and talent of our members. If you’ve ever thought about joining NISEI and helping shape the game’s future, you’re in luck: today, we’re announcing several new open positions!

On our new Join NISEI page, you can see all our current position listings. We’ve added new listings for four specialized positions:

  • Treasurer
  • Rules Associate
  • Graphic Designer (x2)

Additionally, we’re always recruiting playtesters! If any of these positions interest you, go to Join NISEI to learn more and apply.

In the past, we announced open positions, complete with descriptions and application forms, in articles such as our February 2020 recruitment update. Here on the brand new NISEI website, you no longer need to search through the archives to find the latest recruitment article. We’ll use short posts like this to announce new openings, but they will always direct you to Join NISEI, where you can find up-to-date details and applications for any open positions.

We look forward to receiving your applications and welcoming new members to the NISEI team!


  • Spencer is NISEI's Community Manager. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife and cat, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game.