NA Championships @GenCon: Tickets on Sale!

We are delighted to announce that tickets for the first ever NISEI North American Championship are on sale via GenCon’s website! As previously announced, the tournament will take place on the Friday and Saturday of GenCon (August 2nd and 3rd, 2019).

This is a chance for those of you in North America to compete for the amazing prizes that you may have already seen awarded to participants at our European Championship in Birmingham in May! With 3x alt art Sure Gamble as a participation prize, 3x alt art IP Block for everyone who finishes in the top half of Day 1, 3x alt art SSL Endorsement for those who progress to Day 2, a plastic alt art RP & 419 flip ID for the top 32 and a Climactic Showdown playmat for those who make top 16, these prizes are sure to make everyone at your local Wyldside envious of your exploits in cyberspace! 

For those who don’t make the cut to Day 2, there will be an abundance of side events in both the Eternal and Core Experience formats, featuring the beautiful prize support pictured above and below! Be sure to check our Supported Formats page and bring extra decks with you!

The winner of the North American Championship will, of course, receive the Greatest Prize in Gaming: the opportunity to design a card featuring their likeness.The winner will also receive a first round bye at the NISEI World Championship taking place this October in Rotterdam! 

The North American Continental Championship will be the first event larger than a Regional Championship to take place using MWL 3.3! With the last MWL before Worlds set to be released in September, GenCon will be our biggest and best opportunity to evaluate the meta. Everyone attending will therefore be helping shape the environment in which Worlds will take place! If you’ve discovered some unbeatable deck tech you’ve been keeping quiet about, GenCon will be the ideal venue to unleash it, with some of the most competitive players in the game vying for that Worlds first round bye! 

Tickets have already been on sale for some time, so visit GenCon’s website and secure yours now!