Eternal Championship Announcement

Hey Runners and Corporations, now that Worlds is over, I’m sure y’all are itching for the next big event. Many places will have their National Championships happening well into the new year; however, we’re announcing a big online event, hosted on

The 2019 Eternal Championship

What is Eternal?

Eternal is the wild west of organised play. Rotation never happened here, and only a small number of cards are banned.

Eternal MWL 1.2

Corp – RemovedRunner – Removed
24/7 News CycleAaron Marrón
Friends in High PlacesBloo Moose
Hired HelpFaust
Rumor Mill
Salvaged Vanadis Armory
Temüjin Contract
Watch the World Burn

Old classics such as Whizzard, Engineering The Future, Noise, Andromeda, Account Siphon, Jackson Howard, and Scorched Earth return in this format. So be prepared for high-powered matches full of cards that have long since left Standard!


Going off your feedback with our usual A and B Swiss events, we’ll be using this event to try out back-to-back Swiss on the Saturday with the cut on Sunday. This should help people who can only commit to one weekend.

  • Swiss A – 30th Nov – Check in starts 11:00 UTC
  • Swiss B – 30th Nov – Check in starts 18:00 UTC
  • Top 8 Cut – 1st Dec – 13:00 UTC

Swiss A and Swiss B will each consist of 4 rounds of Swiss, followed by a tiebreaker round, if necessary. The top 4 from each Swiss round will go through to the top 8 cut.

As always, please check to confirm these times in your timezone.

Despite Swiss A and B being on the same day, players may still only play in one Swiss.


1st place:  

  • The title of 2019 Eternal Champion. 
  • The chance to work with Design and Development to create your own card (to appear in a future NISEI set.)
  • ​1x Noise/The Nihilist Playmat.

4th place and higher: 

  • Mirror Effect Cerebral Imaging courtesy of Jakuza.
  • ​3x Full bleed card from Q4 Kit.

8th place and higher:

  • Noise, Kate, and Andromeda full bleed ID cards.
  • 3x Full Bleed card from Q4 Kit.

Swiss raffle:

  • 3x Alternate Art Apocalypse.

This raffle will be drawn at the end of both Swiss A and Swiss B. Players who complete all 4 rounds will be entered into the draw.

Sound good?

Register your interest for the event here: 

You’ll get an email roughly one week before the event with instructions on how to check in on the day.

And for those of you who can’t make it, the event will be streamed by our awesome community streamers. Look out for announcements of who will be broadcasting it closer to the time.


  • she/they - No stranger to the world of organised play, Akira has run national level events in various games—including being the head judge in the UK for some games. Akira is no stranger to success playing the game either, though; having a Regional win in 2018 and a Top-32 Nationals finish in the same year are among a few of her accolades. In NISEI, Akira makes the promo kits happen.