Community Roundup: May 14 2021

It’s time to review some of the best Netrunner content of recent weeks in a brand new Community Roundup! Just like last time, if you feel we’ve missed something, email us or let us know through our Facebook or Twitter accounts so we can include it in the next one!

  • We’re kicking off with the latest installment of Métropole Grid’s ongoing overview of every faction in System Gateway – this time, Andrej takes on crime!
  • Ysengrin has continued posting great videos since the last review, most recently an introduction to deckbuilding.
  • Still more deckbuilding guides, as Team Squared continue their quest to learn Netrunner using System Gateway by building their own decks!
  • New to Netrunner? Eyes glaze over when people talk exclusively in Netrunner slang? Fear not, there’s a new Glossary of Netrunner Slang over on Reddit to help get you up to speed!
  • Still new to Netrunner? Have you read the glossary above and now know what a “scoring window” is, but aren’t sure how to recognize one? This interesting discussion (also from Reddit) will help you spot them! Check out SpencerDub’s helpful reply in particular!
  • Slightly less new to Netrunner after reading the last two posts? Have you mastered your deck’s economic tempo and are now printing too many credits to keep track of using dice? Perhaps these free DIY tokens will help?
  • Not new to Netrunner, but new to playing on Our own Vesper has recently recorded An Interactive Walkthrough of, and requests that you clip any sections that you found particularly helpful!
  • Store Championship Season is now well underway, and, last weekend, the largest store championship  yet this year (and the largest in many years) was held with 70 players! You can catch the full 13-hour stream of the York Store Championship at Ntscape Navigator’s Twitch channel!
  • If that got you in the mood to compete, check out for upcoming tournaments and casual game nights! Highlights include Swan’s “no ban list” tournament this weekend, Ysengrin’s single-sided Swiss tournament next weekend, an online Store Championship, and an actual in-person Store Championship in Singapore!
  • Closing this out with a huge blast from the past, as Team Covenant, the original Netrunner content champions, got hold of a copy of System Gateway and play it for almost four hours! This is also the only video in today’s roundup that features people playing in meatspace – we’re hoping to start seeing more of these as the global situation improves! 

That’s all for now! Join us next time for more cool happenings from the community!