Community Roundup: June 4 2021

We’re back after a brief hiatus with the latest community happenings!

  • First up is Shipment from ChiLo, who uploaded a new episode mere hours too late to be included in the previous roundup! This time, they’re discussing the new Corp IDs in System Gateway.
  • A charity tournament in support of Greenpeace is taking place on tomorrow. The prize pool is a sight to behold, with many old, rare FFG and NISEI promos included! Registration starts at 10:00 am UTC.
  • Do you want to learn how to absolutely demolish that tournament? Whiteblade has you covered over on Stimhack, where he explains how to do well at competitive events, ranging from preparation to strategies to follow on the day!
  • has, in fact, been quite busy lately, thanks in no small part to Elusive! Their latest article is an analysis of the meta for both the Standard and Startup formats, but we would urge you to check out the previous ones as well, especially What Makes Netrunner Special?
  • A new podcast throws its hat in the ring as the hosts of Retromancer discuss getting back into the game! Go welcome them back!
  • Children of the Tentacle, longstanding Arkham Horror and Keyforge streamers, have lately been having a go at Netrunner! Check them out and show them some love!
  • Ysengrin has continued putting out high quality, insightful videos, the latest being an analysis of his Built To Last deck for Startup.
  • CTZ and Brian of SanSanFrancisco found themselves streaming at the same time as Andrej of Métropole Grid last night, so decided to take advantage and create some cross-promotional synergy together! You can see SanSanFrancisco’s half of their brutal grudge match here, and Andrej’s half here.
  • Team Squared are continuing their journey of learning the game using System Gateway, but now live in meatspace!
  • Edited to include a late entry from Reddit: a PhD student is researching digital adaptations of analogue games, and would like to observe some games for data. More details here.

That’s a wrap! If you’d like something included in the next roundup, email us or let us know through our Facebook or Twitter!