Community Roundup 16 March 2022

We’ve missed the momentous release of new cards since the last time we’ve done one of these! Luckily, the Community Roundup is back to bring you everyone’s reactions to the new cards!

  • Before new cards, it’s raffle time again! Visit our Twitter to enter to win a playset of alt art Afshars from the 2021 Q1 GNK!
  • Retromancer have beaten all the other podcasts to being the first to take a look at the new cards! And just in case anyone was thinking of catching up to them, they’ve even invented brand new cards to spoil alongside the Booster Pack ones!
  • Every streamer has also been excited to have new toys to play with. SanSan Francisco have returned with new shenanigans; M├ętropole Grid discusses the new cards (though mostly Trash or Busto, see below) here, and YsengrinSC Deep Dives into the booster pack here!
  • The first tournaments using the new cards have already begun happening! Coming up in the next couple of weekends are GNKs in Brno, Berkeley, and Pittsburgh, and, of course, three days of Netrunner at B-COM in Barcelona! And if online is your preference, the Lockdown tournament series is back too! Check AlwaysBeRunning regularly to find out about events and recurring meetups in your area!
  • Eager to play with new cards, but anxious about them not yet being automated on Wee_bull has your back with this guide on how to implement them manually!
  • If new cards don’t excite you as much as the classics, Abram Jopp is running another preconstructed decks tournament in the Reboot format. Sign up before Sunday here!
  • Speaking of old cards, how well do you know them? Find out by playing this neat little puzzle game created by Lostgeek!
  • Do you love NetrunnerDB, but wish you could fit it in your pocket? Well, you already can, but now there’s also a new deckbuilding app called Netdeck which is better optimized for smartphone interfaces!
  • Occasionally, in the past three weeks, I’ve played Netrunner. Most of the time, I (and seemingly everyone else) have been playing Trash or Busto! I can’t wait to find out what nefarious AI its creator, Ysengrin, has been secretly training using all our idle clicks! I also can’t wait for someone to do an entire podcast episode of arguing about card pair rankings! In fact, I wish all new Netrunner content is discussion of card rankings and tier lists!
  • These are the best Tier List jokes. Let us laugh at them, then never speak of them again.

That’s all for this week! Remember to get in touch via NISEI socials if you’d like anything included in the next one!