Community Roundup 10 Feb, 2022

We’re back for another summary of some of the most notable happenings in the community.

  • Before you read on, you should go retweet this, so you can be in with a chance of winning a playset of Atomikrin’s fabulous Boomerang alt art!
  • The Hollywood moguls over at The Shadow Net, alongside guest Chouxflower, have teased the entire season 1 plot arc of a new Netrunner anime. I’m waiting with baited breath for the casting call so I can audition as a sinister behind-the-scenes villain who releases last minute ban list updates that hurt the plucky hero’s deck! Listen here.
  • That episode reminded me of Fancymancer’s own anime-style take on Netrunner from back in the day: click here, and here.
  • Speaking of Chouxflower, there’s a new story on her blog featuring everyone’s favorite vaping evangelist!
  • LAST MINUTE LATE ADDITION in the form of the latest episode of Retromancer, which was inexplicably left off this list! Hold the presses and crank open the podcast tubes by clicking here!
  • If you’ve been seeing images from cards that seem oddly familiar but you’re sure do not actually exist being shared on our various Slacks and Discords, you may have been subjected to card designs created by a bot! A RoboRunner Twitter bot created by @MagneticEther, to be precise. This brings the total number of Netrunner card-generating bots up to two (here’s the other one, created by Unpopular Mechanics), and their combined card output is surely enough that we can put together a bot-generated draft cube by now! Anyone willing to try?
  • New videos by regular streamers M├ętropole Grid, YsengrinSC, and Sokka234 uploaded to their Twitch channels!
  • Ed and Sanjay’s Eggsploratory Romp series now has its own YouTube channel, for anyone who misses their regular Friday night streaming time. Their latest upload is here.
  • The Green Level Clearance Discord have restarted their RetRunner tournaments, in which players explore the card pool from the very beginning with the original Core Set, and a few new packs are added in every month. To enter, join GLC, then head over to the #retrunner-tournament channel.
  • Finally, there’s a new Random Access Memories tournament happening this Saturday, 12 February. The live card pool draw happens at 10pm UTC, with the tournament starting 2 hours later, so APAC and American players, this one’s for you! Our Twitch channel will be streaming the action live. Check out the stream of the previous RAM tournament here, which featured one of the strangest, craziest fields imaginable, one in which Apex came 2nd and Crowdfunding was bad!

That’s all for this installment! I leave you with some music by the creator of @RoboRunnerCards and a reminder to contact us through NISEI’s email or social media with links to anything you’d like to see included in a future Community Roundup!