Crown of Lasers – ID Registration Deadline

The deadline for ID registration for Crown of Lasers will be moved to:

Wednesday, 11 September (no specific time)

As pre-production has been progressing nicely at the laser lab, there is less need for cushioning in the leadup to the event. With this new deadline falling after the full spoiler of the cards in the Worlds Booster and the release of the new MWL on the 9th, this will allow all teams to register their IDs with full knowledge of the available cardpool and any possible MWL changes.

Registering your IDs and team

All participants/teams must tell the tournament organiser (TO) – Jakuza – what IDs they will be playing by Wednesday, 11 September.

Once your team has purchased a ticket, please tell the TO what IDs your team will be playing, who the 3 players in your team are and your team name. Contacting the TO directly through Stimslack (look for: Jakuza) is preferred, but you can also use the Stimhack forum topic. Alternatively, you can send an email to with “Crown of Lasers team IDs” as your subject.

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