Exposé (Part 4 - 2018/12)

Runners! <3

It’s the third weekend of the month, and all is busy at NISEI Plaza still! As is traditional, here’s a little info dump for you as to what we’ve been up to. Before we get into that, I can reveal that the cycle formerly known as NISEI-1 will be called Ashes, and released in two sets that will be named next week.

And now, on with the show… here’s a list of what we’ve done, and what we’re currently working on.


  • OP Resources section added to site

  • System Core 2019 added to NRDB

  • Resolved the issue with duplicate cards on NRDB

  • CoC and OP guidelines translation ongoing, with some languages complete

  • International glossary complete

  • @3N1GM4 has taken over as Lead Web Developer

  • Patreon in the process of being developed; hope to have it up for review by their moderators this week, with a lovely mix of both sensible and silly rewards

  • Planned content for Friday articles until March


  • Developing alt art templates for promo purposes

  • Store Championship assets print-ready

  • Commissioning art for Q2 GNK complete

  • Commissioning art for Ashes: Set 1 underway

  • Fixed alignment issues on corp card back

  • Created Runner card back

  • Developing new faction glyphs

  • Frames for standard templates ongoing

  • Working on Ashes card names and flavour text

  • Writing stories to go with the Ashes release

  • Planning setting and story for NISEI-2


  • Planning release mechanism for Ashes

  • Discussing setting and story for NISEI-2 with creative


  • Discussing additional 'saved from rotation' targets excluded from System Core 2019 for inclusion in a future set

  • Playtesting Ashes

  • Reviewing designs in Ashes

EDI Team

  • Finalising initial accessibility survey

Organised Play

  • 2019 Q1 GNKs now mostly dispatched. A limited number of the Q1 GNK is still available for sale though, if you missed out - but only while supplies last! (a second issue with EU customs has caused more delays there; our playmat supplier has assured us there will be no issue with future shipments (they spelled @Vesper’s name wrong on the paperwork), and we are sourcing a card supplier within Europe. The last piece of the puzzle has finally cleared customs and should be on its way to European TOs within a few days!)

  • 2019 Store Champ kits now available to purchase

  • Writing version 1.1 of the Organized Play Policies

  • 1st Eternal tournament held, and considered a success! Learnings from this are being documented, ready for our next online event, which will be announced soon.

  • Designing Regional Championship application process

  • Finalized contents of the 2019 Q2 Game Night Kit

  • Working with Creative on Regional Kit contents and sourcing token suppliers

  • Continuing to search for World Championship venues

  • Created first draft of NISEI Org Chart with the Community team

  • Various miscellaneous projects, including creating tournament brackets, table numbers, decklists, and more, and revising Draft and NAPD 3-vs-1 rules


  • Planned first major Comprehensive Rules update

  • Discussed how to handle card templating, for both new and old cards

  • Further work on the 5 year plan; more info to be revealed early 2019


  • Continuing to sort out our tax and Non-Profit status


And there you have it! Full steam ahead as usual.

Next week, I’ll be bringing you a little retrospective on the game in 2018, both from an internal and external point of view. Until then my dear h4xx0rs,