Introducing the 2020 Worlds Celebration Pack!

The event is done and the results are in: your 2020 NISEI World Champion is Limes!

Please join us in delivering him another hearty congratulations. To watch his games and other Worlds matches, visit our YouTube channel.

Limes took the event by surprise with two really left-field decks: a Sportsmetal combo deck running just three ice, and a Hoshiko build based around Friday Chip and Imp.

We have released a Celebration Pack to commend his win! Each pack contains the winning identity cards, Hoshiko Shiro and Sportsmetal, as well as two playsets of four key cards from Limes’s decks - two Corp cards and two Runner cards.

The seven cards from the 2020 World Championship Pack

Each pack contains the following:

Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home 
Project Vacheron
Archived Memories 
Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist
Liberated Account 
Paladin Poemu

One playset of each card, including the identities, features Limes's signature.

Sportsmetal and Liberated Account, each emblazoned with Limes' signature

These packs make great gifts as well as prizes for events during the holidays! They are also an excellent way to beautify your decks with some exclusive full-bleeds. You can order these cards today from both DriveThruCards and MakePlayingCards. Please follow those links to order yours!

Congratulations once more to the 2020 NISEI World Champion, Limes, and thank you to the entire community for a fantastic World Championship.