SpecWork (Downfall Spoilers - Part 10 - ALL RUNNER CARDS!)

OK, runners - let's not mess around. I know what you're here for, you know what you're here for so let's just jack in and pump your brain full of delicious cards. Various NISEI people have commented on some of their favourites, which I've put in the mouse-over text (let's hope that works)

Here we go...

CritHitD20: My vote for most competitive card in this product, and it's really fun to build around too. Trash a Bank Job with 7 credits missing, trash a Jackpot! if you're already at game point, trash an unwanted directive if you're Adam! Or just use with Casts/TCA/Crowdfunding. Card is awesome. Orbital_Tangent: Hate me if you must, but Dumblefork was one of my favorite decks in ANR history. A key component was Parasite. Even before that deck, the little bugger was my favorite breaker and one of the main reasons I fell hard for the game. It made ice less of a math problem and more of a puzzle, showing me that there were creative ways to play the game. I am excited to see if Chisel makes a meta splash, and if some de-powered iteration of Dumblefork rises again (obvs without Whizz; RIP).
tvaduva: Criminal gets a small Swiss army knife utility. There's something useful here for almost all match-ups. Slots are tight, but this little hardware might be too neat to give up. Just being able to jack out after the Corp rezzes ice is worth the price (deck slot and the single credit); not to mention the Geist and Az synergy.
Tami: There were a few changes to this card, the main ones being to take it from what I think was the most broken card in the set originally, to being reasonably tame. But in the process it gained a :nisei_trash:, so my Ghost Boi can get yet more underserved love! Akira: Earthrise with Mr Li, yet so much more.
tvaduva: Probably the new standard for general Shaper ID, since it's the basic 45/15 with a draw benefit. And link! The draw is easy and comes after discard. Almost no downsides to this ID, but watch out for damage Corps that tempt a low grip size. Quarg: I've always been a bit of a combo player; and it's cards like these, that are so devilishly simple, but pose a question, or a puzzle that I love most. Dis: Nothing inspires such intense interest for the runner, an almost religious revelatory ecstacy, as those deep accesses on R&D. "hoo-shook" (with a very soft k at the end there) captures that experience that is my favourite in all of Netrunner.
CritHitD20: This card used to have the text of Lat AND gave you 3 credits if you had the same amount as corp. People did not think it was good on first read... which is why playtesting is so important. Incredibly potent midgame, and you can use paid abilities on breakers at EOT if you're 1 above the corp! My favorite design in the set.

So there you go, all 30 Runner cards in Downfall.

There's no plans for any scoops tomorrow, so you've 48 hours to start brewing up new runner decks - these are on NRDB right now - before you find out which Corp cards are gonna come in and wreck your plans because on Wednesday we show all of those off and then you will have no more scoops until Uprising Spoiler Season starts.