What is NISEI?

NISEI is a fan-run nonprofit volunteer collective. Our mission is to keep the game of Netrunner alive and thriving after the end of the official FFG era. We do this through several different initiatives.

First and foremost, we design, playtest, and release our own sets of cards for the wider Netrunner community to enjoy. NISEI cards are fully compatible with classic Android: Netrunner cards. Our products include our introductory set, System Gateway, and our first full cycle, the Ashes Cycle, consisting of Downfall and Uprising.

NISEI also provides support to organized play. We arrange prize kits for casual game nights (known as GNKs) and Store and Regional Championship competitive events. Our Organized Play team also coordinates our annual tournaments at the National, Continental and World Championship levels.

In addition to cultivating the card pool through new releases, we also manage the rotation of older cards to keep the competitive environment fresh. Since we strive for a competitive scene that supports a robust diversity of decks, our teams monitor trends in the meta and use the NISEI Ban List to ban cards that lead to an unhealthy environment.

Finally, our Rules team maintains the ever-evolving rules documents that make the game possible.

If you’re interested in joining NISEI, please check out our list of open positions.

You can donate to support our work via PayPal, or join our Patreon.

The Team

Below you will find a list of the current NISEI executive and leadership teams. Find us on stimhack.slack.com in the #NISEI-general and #future channels, on Twitter as @ProjectNISEI, and on Facebook as NISEI. You can reach our Rules team at @NISEI_Rules on Twitter. Most of our departments have dedicated email addresses, but if you’re not sure which to contact, then our “reception” email address is info@nisei.net.

The Exec

  • icecoldjazz (he/him) President president@nisei.net
  • SwearyPrincess (she/her) VP of Engagementserenity@nisei.net
  • GoldenRubyFish (he/him) VP of People carl@nisei.net
  • KevinTame (he/him) VP of Product kevin@nisei.net

Leadership Team

  • Spencer Dub (he/they) Community community@nisei.net
  • June Cuervo (they/she) Design design@nisei.net
  • divadus (he/him) Development
  • Laury Plant (he/him)EDI edi@nisei.net
  • DanB (he/him) Marketing marketing@nisei.net
  • Anzekay (they/them) Narrative creative@nisei.net
  • Orbital Tangent (he/him) Organised Play op@nisei.net
  • anarchomushroom (they/them) Production
  • neuropantser (he/him) Recruitment recruitment@nisei.net
  • Jamie Perconti (they/them) Rules rules@nisei.net
  • lostgeek (he/him) Standard Balance Team
  • MrBuggles (he/him) Translation translation@nisei.net
  • MattOhNo (he/him) Visual art@nisei.net
  • Haway (he/him) WebDevelopment website@nisei.net