Who or what is NISEI?

The Nextrunner International Support & Expansion Initiative (NISEI) is a fan-run organization, with the mission to keep the game alive and thriving after the end of the official FFG era.

For this, we will be arranging prizes for casual game nights plus Store and Regional Championship competitive events, as well as arranging our own at the National and World Championship levels. In addition, we will be continuing the FFG tradition of updates to the rules and Most Wanted List, releasing new NISEI designed cards, and rotating the card pool to keep the meta environment fresh.

Below you will find a list of the current NISEI board members, find us on stimhack.slack.com in the #NISEI channel, on Twitter as @ProjectNISEI or via email to projectNISEI@gmail.com if you want more information.

The Board

RealityCheque he/him Community Manager
Zac he/him President
BreakOneBarrier she/her Creative Director
Shanodin she/her EDI Lead
icecoldjazz they/them Organised Play Manager
crithitd20 he/him Lead Designer
divadus he/him Lead Developer
jakodrako he/him Rules Manager